9 Ways to build High-Quality Backlinks for your website

9 Ways to build High-Quality Backlinks for your website

How you can build a backlink for your website??
Important Off-Page activities for your website to increase traffic is generating relevant and high-quality backlink from other websites.

After completing On-Page SEO. Every website needs traffic for their website to increase brand awareness and to expand their businesses. Generating relevant backlinks for a website is part of getting a successful website.

A backlink is an activity to getting referral links to our website from other websites. There are so many ways to generate backlinks for website.

There are 2 types of backlinks.

Dofollow backlinks
Nofollow backlinks

While Creating a backlink from other websites you can get either do-follow backlinks or no-follow backlinks. These types of backlinks are depending on the website owner who created the websites. This owner of the website decides which follow backlinks to give. High authority websites do not give Do-follow links very easily. To get do-follow links from top sites you need to give very high-quality content like blogs or articles which helps website users and that content is useful for the person who is visiting those websites. Another way to get does follow the link to pay for blogs and articles you want to publish on their website.

On the flip side, some website does not give a do-follow link, they only give Nofollow link to websites. But these kind of websites are very large and has an immense amount of web traffic. So our blog can reach so many people and they can refer to our website and our website gets more traffic.

There are certain ways to get backlinks for our website.

Guest Blog

There are so many blogs and articles website are exist in all kinds of categories. Find a relevant blog site that has similar content to your blog and reach them, and ask for guest blog posting requirements. These blogs are generally not accepted a free blog posts from outside writers. So knowing all requirements and for how long they will give do-follow links to our site.


The local directory is another way to generate backlinks to our website. Every city, state, or country has its online business directory. You have to find this kind of online dictionary from Google or other websites. By registering on an online dictionary you can generate backlinks for your websites. You have to register your business in your local or country directory so people can search online for your business and that under direct to your websites. This directory is generally free to register

Similar to Social sites.

When you write blogs or articles for your website you share these blogs to a social network like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. But this site won’t give us any kind of backlinks. So there are others website like that which gave us a good amount of backlinks and those website has enough traffic that redirects to our website.

Government or educational links

If you want to increase website traffic and authority in a greater way. You need to find a way to get backlinks from government or educational institutions. By getting Dofolllow backlinks from this kind of website, you can increase your site authority to a great extent. This gives a good reputation to your website.

Stay away from spamming sites.

You also need to check from which web site you get follow backlinks are not spamming sites. Getting follow links from this kind of websites can be harmful to your website’s reputation.


You can also convert your content into infographics. In infographics, you share your blog and article content in an image presentation. People see images of your content rather than reading whole blogs. It gives a much more colorful experience to the reader. There are many sites you can share your infographic images to generate backlinks and web traffic.

Spy on competitors

To generate the most amount of backlinks in less time, you need to check out your competitor’s website performance. You can spy on competitors’ backlinks generation patterns. So you can create your plan according to it and generate more backlinks.

Internal backlinks

Your website blogs also need to connect internally to your website pages. It gives the best user experience to your reader. Using proper anchor text and internal build they can visit useful webpages of your website.


While creating a website you certainly use some kind of software and services for your ease. So you can write a testimonial for this website and can generate do-follow links for your website homepage.

There are also some other ways of doing backlinks but in all that you have to be alert while generating a link. You always need to check from a website you create backlinks are high authority websites. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to create links from a low authority site. But while building links from a low authority site you need to check these are not spam sites.

So keep eye on your backlinks from Ahrefs, Moz, monitor backlinks and SEO power suits.

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