How online marketing changes the course of doing business in the modern era.
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How online marketing changes the course of doing business in the modern era.

Stand up from the sofa and leave the house then start the car, drive to supermarket find things that we want after joining a long queue and pay for items and reach home after long hours. Yea this is a traditional and old method of doing buy process. Every business establishes infrastructure based on this. and online marketing has changed everything.

But in the modern era, everything is changing. Now with just a single touch of a mobile display and BOOOM products are at our doorstep in hours or in a few days.

This is the power of Online/Digital marketing for business. 

Even after the post covid era, the usage of online shopping is booming than ever before. Everyone is buying things from the online site whether it’s a little soap or electronic item or other things. So to shine in front of customer companies has to come to an online platform to showcase their products and services to the consumer. 

Companies now making their own website so people can buy directly buy products and services from their website rather than buying from other website or reduce commission from another website. But a still big website like Amazon, Flipkart or other site doesn’t sell their own stock products. They invite small business owners to join their platform and sell their products from their website because the big website has the main advantage o having large customer base instead of having very small customer database for small business. 

People are buying products and services after checking all information about the product and also they watch and read reviews of the products from previous buyers. They also check the company website for more authenticity, trust and more information. So having a website about the company is important. 

Customer also easily comparing different company products very easily so the company has to make products better than competitor’s products and has to market it through different social media channel and also run ads campaign for the same. 

 The company can sell any of their products and services to anyone in the world regardless of whenever a person is living. The company can send products to one country to another within days or in a week, or even small seller can sell anything in their country so no more demographics boundaries to business. So it’s an open whole new vision for the company. On more to that services provider or SaaS company can serve their customer without sending them a physical product that’s the power of online business. 

With the social media company is getting so much closer to their customer. Now each company has its own social media profile on almost all platform like Facebook, Instagram which has more than 3 Billion users, and another platform like Twitter, Snapchat, youtube, Tiktok etc. 

For example, after inventing Alibaba in 1999. In the current FY year 2020, Alibaba has revenue of 75 Billion Dollar. Also in amazon, Q3 total sales are almost 96.15 Billion Dollar. In that scale, we can see that digital marketing is helping business to reach their expected goal in that year, and it also helping small business too to gain advantages of the online market.

So one thing is clear from online marketing for business is it’s very helpful and best practice for them to gain customer, increase sales with revenue and profit of the company. 

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